Sources for Curriculum

- Exodus Books - A local homeschool bookstore… I LOVE this place. Such friendly staff, great prices, and you can often find much of what you need in used, excellent condition for quite the discount!

- Veritas Press - a great source for Classcial Education curriculum.

- All About Reading/All About Spelling - this is the reading & spelling program we have been using. I love it so far…

- Christian Book - lots of curriculum, supporting books, random books… and great prices. I get most of my Saxon stuff from here if I cannot find it at Exodus Books.

- Khan Academy - I've recently been using this as my primary source for Math. The site and the app are free, with lots of ways for the parent observe a student's progress.

- - Of course, I buy WAY too many of my books from Amazon. Here is a link to get a 30-day Free trial of Prime, where you can get most items shipped for free in 2 business days. 

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