Homeschool Coaching

 Have you ever thought how lovely it would be to have someone walk you through parts of your homeschooling? Even just someone who can help you talk through whether a new idea or a different way of arranging your day might look? I know I've been there! It often feels like the moms who are just a few years or a couple stages ahead of us are busy too, and it's hard to ask for their time and energy when you sense they are under a lot of pressure as well. 

My goal in homeschool coaching is to begin breaking that cycle. More experienced homeschool moms need to invest in the homeschool moms headed down the same road. I have been swimming these homeschooling waters for over 8 years now, and most of the advice I've received has come from either dead people (books, don't worry), celebrity homeschoolers, or people treading water right alongside me. Now I am seeing the needs of the new flock rising up, and I want to be a part of supporting and guiding them into the lives God is building for them as best I can. 

Whether you have no, little, of a lot of experience homeschooling, sometimes an outsider can help give you the perspective you need to feel refreshed, tackle making some changes, or just urge you to keep fighting the good fight. No amount of homeschool experience disqualifies you from needing help once in a while! So whether you are just in a rut, a newbie wondering what it looks like to homeschool, or somewhere in-between, I know that taking the time to work through your questions will help solidify your next-steps and give you the courage and refreshment you are searching for, the refreshment Jesus wants to give you.

To schedule your first, free intro-session, click here and find an open block on my schedule!

We'll walk through things like:

- What you are hoping for in your homeschooling & where you are at.

- Gaining a healthy perspective on homeschooling & how it affects your daily life.

- Looking for points of conflict & what you can do to work through them.

- What approach or systems might help your family dynamics.

- Setting expectations & how to measure what's important to you.

- Habits and joy-filled activities that will work for your personality & your family.

Homeschooling is about SO much more than choosing curriculum: it's about living and growing together! With a coach helping you navigate making that happen, you are sure to experience more clarity, joy, and contentment in your daily life. This isn't about me preaching to you about a certain method or a certain routine that has worked for me. This about YOU and YOUR family getting what you need and learning what will work for your lifestyle.

If you are still nervous about jumping into an intro session, send me a message and let's see what this relationship might look like for you. No pressure, no hard-and-fast rules, no lectures on the status of your children. This is about loving your homeschooling and still loving your life too. 

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