Saturday, March 26, 2016

All the Beautiful Things!

I love beautiful things. Like, scroll through Pinterest looking at flowers and color combinations for hours kind of love ;)

What do you gravitate toward when life gets you down? Do you head to Starbucks? The cookie jar? Your favorite band or book? I do all of the above sometimes, and when I am in a real funk, I blast Hillsong United's Zion (Deluxe Edition) to put my soul back in line.

There are a lot of great coping mechanisms we can use like working out, listening to music, doing something artistic, or meditating, but none of them can really put us back on track unless we allow God to move us. Many of my coping mechanisms are totally ineffective, probably because I don't really want a solution, I just want to feel good about my life. However, I will never feel good about my life unless I reconcile my heart to the truth, to come back to trusting in God's ways above my own. 

Meditating on Him, on His word, is a great way to settle my soul. Instead of fretting, looking for answers, or trying to find a person to blame, I just see who He is, what He has done, and what He is doing. This is what helps me surrender my selfish desires with less of a fight. Again, that Hillsong United album gets me every time. 

I know we are all drawn to beautiful, satisfying, and lovely things, but these things won't settle our souls in and of themselves. I try to see them as evidences of God, little creations that point to His beauty, His wonder, His creation. I hope you can enjoy these things I've picked out for you! These are all items I have pinned or favorited on a website, and I love to look at them and admire the person who brought them out from raw materials. When you look at these, see if you can find something to praise God about, or at least see how God evident, in every single one. If nothing else, simply enjoy the delightful things He has made. Have fun!

Like I said, Hillsong United! This album is beautiful in lyric and music. 

This beautiful bouquet of flowers. I love flowers, I love art, and this picture combines them in such a lovely way. The colors, the shapes... I'm just in awe. I accidentally pinned this post three different times on the same board! 

This pretty picture. I have a whole board on pinterest of color combinations. Back when I had time to knit, I had all kinds of plans for making pretty blankets and scarves with all of these color combos. Now, I just pin more and more, because they are all so pretty. 

I cannot find the link for this image, but I'm sure you'll enjoy the photo anyway. I could read all my books here, no problem.

I have love Creative Market and have purchased a few fonts from their site. Lovely stuff! Although, I often sit and wish I could spend a good chunk of time each week, perfecting some form of visual art. Still, there is so much beauty to soak in here. This is one of my favorites.

Like I said, I long to create visual art, and I do with my jewelry I suppose. But I really want to learn to paint well. I have so many screen-shots in my head, with very little practice in being able to pull them out. I love this site, and this particular painting. Many of my ideas revolve around my children, and the beauty I see shining from them. 

Again, this link doesn't work, but you can look at this image and feel your pulse slow, your mind relax, and your spirit breathe deep. I hope to live at the coast again someday, because it's such a beautiful, soothing place. Again, perfect reading spot, yes?

This etsy shop sells some beautiful soaps, including these super cool jewel soaps!

And this etsy shop has some BEAUTIFUL jewelry. I have been wanting to buy one of these rings, but haven't quite taken the plunge yet.

And lastly, how cool is this? Amazing art, intriguing History, a successfully determined woman, and ballet! 

Have I shown you enough beautiful things? Fun stuff, right? I might have to make this a regular thing, posting images and links of the lovely things I come across. I hope these can all lead you to a place where you admire the lovely things God has given us, the way He's made us to love what is beautiful, and be thankful for the ability to make and admire these charming items and images. 

Tell me, which is your favorite? If you could add any beautiful thing to your daily life, what would it be? 

Me? Flowers. Without a doubt! I'm trying to turn my black thumb to green... I will let you know how it goes :)

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