Friday, June 24, 2016


I know this is a "homeschooling blog", but homeschooling moms need to make dinner, and I am convinced this recipe will add some loveliness to your evening.

I am not even joking, this recipe is a MUST-HAVE in your regular routine. My husband actually found this recipe last summer when I was speaking at Practicum. When I got home and tasted his concoction I was floored. I don't think I've cooked many dishes this good, and if I ever open a restaurant (which is less likely than me becoming a model), this would make the cut. Take a look, then come back and read my alterations, because there are many.

First off, I just use ground beef. I cook one pound, then set it aside in a bowl.

I don't use shallots. Not for any particular reason, I just never seem to remember to buy any. I usually chop up half of a white onion.

Half the time, I forget to buy mushrooms! The recipe works fine without them, you just cook the onion (or shallots if you remember) and then hop straight to adding the broth. This time, I had a small package of white mushrooms hanging out in the fridge, so I just chopped them up and it still turned out stupendous.

Sometimes I don't have a can of beef broth, so I just make two cups of broth using the cubed bullion and water from my insta-hot and try to pour in about 14oz.

I never have cognac in my cupboard, in fact, I have never had cognac in my cupboard. I have no idea what it tastes like, though I have probably had it in one of those delicious fancy drinks I love to get on date nights. I just use red wine, because I almost always have a bottle in the wings or currently opened (then I usually poor myself a glass to drink off until dinner time). I like 13 Hands' Cabernet Sauvignon - so divine!

I have never even tasted creme fraƮche, but my French-grown husband says it is amazing. I've used either half n half (though less of it), heavy whipping cream, or last night I used sour cream with a couple teaspoons of sugar on top.

Now that I have confessed how I don't actually follow over half the recipe, I will also confess that I have never eaten or served this recipe over noodles. Mark made it with mashed potatoes the first time and it was so amazing that I have just stuck with it. I don't regret it one bit!

I also do not follow a recipe for said mashed potatoes. I just peel four to six potatoes, slice them into sixths, boil starting with cold, salted water, and let them stay at boiling for about 15-17 minutes. Once strained, I add potatoes, about five Tbsp of butter, maybe 1/3 milk or half n half, a bunch of salt, pepper, onion powder and garlic powder into a bowl, then voila! Beat, serve, die from deliciousness.

Usually, I make roasted brussel sprouts with bacon for this meal, but it is super difficult to get the timing down for all the components. Broccoli was easier and everyone still enjoyed it. Every time I make this, I eat until I cannot eat another single bite. It's a little bit of work (especially if you do mashed potatoes instead of noodles) but it is worth the effort.

Let me know if you try it! I know I never regret making a mess of my kitchen with this meal. Bonus: the kids love it too!

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