This is a  blog about life. Real, regular, ordinary life. Well, mostly. I get lost in all kinds of endeavors, lost in over-thinking about what God has for me, and sometimes struggle to come back up to reality. But my goal for this blog is to encourage moms to aim for the stars, expect to experience God's deep love, and to enjoy the life He has for you, no matter what it holds.

My name is Joellen. God got me as a little girl, and I am so thankful He keeps reeling me in, over and over again. I am married to my best friend, Mark. He is my biggest supporter & someone who truly loves me, serves me, and sharpens me. We have three children: Asher, Cole and Jovi. They are all wonderfully made, with unique needs and struggles, amazing gifts, and frustrating downfalls. We love getting to know them and grow them. We are mostly home-bodies, but enjoy going together for coffee (and steamers of course), playing games, reading stories, and we absolutely love dreamy trips to the Oregon coast.

My blog started out with a homeschooling bent, and while I don't speak of homeschooling exclusively, it does come up often. So here's a little tidbit about how all of this came to be.

I became a homeschool mom almost accidentally.

I ended up homeschooling my first son after realizing what a pain it would be to have him in Kindergarten for only 2.5 hours a day! He could already read and I wasn't about to let school interrupt my newborn daughter's sleeping schedule ;) One friend handed me the book For the Children's Sake and after another friend introduced me to Classical Conversations, I dove right in. I quickly became excited, passionate about education, curious about history, and more on fire to give my children the best education and discipleship possible. After our first year, and having a lot of troubles with my high-strung baby, I wavered a lot about what was best for my two boys. Long story short, we tried a French School they had opportunity to attend and quickly became even more convinced to continue on in our homeschooling endeavors.

While homeschooling is definitely a hard road to travel, I am genuinely happy to be traveling and learning along this road. Is every day fun? No. Is every day hard? No. Is every day worthwhile? YES! My plan is to homeschool through High School. Is this God's plan? Only time will tell. I hope you find comfort, knowledge, inspiration, and insight here on my blog. Take courage and face the challenges of learning with your children. Fight to disciple them and teach them right from wrong. Be brave and approach that blackboard, trusting God to provide you with everything you need! And most of all, revel in the joy of witnessing the unfolding of the miraculous minds of your children. The front row is the absolute best!

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