I love to talk about almost anything. Ask any of my friends, it's true :)

My passions meet my experience best in regards to Homeschooling, Faith in God, Learning, Literature, and Friendship. There is so much to be said about any of these topics, and I'm happy to brainstorm and chat with you about what you are looking for in a speaker for your next event.

While my schedule is fairly flexible, I am in a stage of life where investing in my family, being available for homeschooling, and supporting my husband in his career are my main focus. This limits me to less than eight speaking events each year, so please contact me to see if my availability matches up with your current needs.

My hope in speaking to audiences is that everyone leaves with a sense of wonder in what God is doing, both in their individual lives and in the entire world, past and present. I desire for young women to be patient in trials without losing hope in God's good plans. I yearn for older women to be moved to reach into the lives of younger women with a goal of fostering love, and growing together in their faith. And I love to see women and men of all ages and phases of life leave an event refreshed and determined to do hard things, to teach their kids by their example, and to be brave when facing both the uncertain and mundane challenges of life.

Most of all, I want people to see God more clearly, to love Him more deeply, and to share His goodness more freely.

If what I can offer seems like a nice fit for your event, email me at joellen.armstrong@gmail.com so we can schedule a time to talk.

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