Monday, June 18, 2018

Calm Down by Keysha Edwards Taylor

Good afternoon friends!

I have another Calm Down post for you, but this format will be a little different. This week, our guest is Keysha Edwards Taylor and since she doesn't have her post on a separate blog, I will link you to her Facebook page and you can friend and follow her there. She is a musician and you can take a look at her website and enjoy the blessings of her gift here! Take a few minutes to read her words, to relate to her experience, and to remember that God is with you, even in the crazy, hectic, frantic moments of your life.


The unknown and the unexpected can raise our pulse rate to exuberant levels. So much can happen in a twinkling of an eye. 

It’s 3 a.m. and I’m startled awake by the house alarm. As I frantically sit up in bed, I pray “O, God, what is this!!?” My mind starts thinking of the activities of the day. Did I close the back sliding door and lock it? Is the garage door down? My heart rate increases as I remember that I left it open the other night? The kitchen window used to be the only window without an alarm device with screws to keep it locked. Thank God we upgraded that five years ago, whew! The house was secure. But now my heart’s beat is pounding in my ear, my throat is dry, and I have my birthday suit on and can’t find the stupid lamp by my bed. My hubby, drunk with sleep, bolts from the bed, grabs his machete from behind our bedroom door and stumbles his way into the hallway. I’m frozen in the rhythmic session with my heart and rapid breaths as I try to remember where my clothes are.... and the stupid lamp. My husband returns after checking everything and reports that we had a faulty connection on one of the doors. “E’en no tief in duh ‘ouse t’night!” (My island dialect for “There’s not a thief is in the house!”). I say to myself, “Deep breath in....deep breath out”. My heart rate is still pounding, but my mind is entering it’s calm again. I’m sure the frantic dance in my chest will evolve into a sweet cadence of rest....soon. Now, we’re calm.

Surprises like a house alarm going off unexpectedly, can influence us to know? We pray “O, God, what is this?” I believe God is right there with a normal solution to a crazy situation. Our ability to remain calm during these moments falls to pieces sometimes, but the Lord is not bothered at all. Its similar to story of Jesus calming the storm when the disciples were freaking out. Trusting in the “Calm” of the Lord is my life long lesson. I must see with Spirit eyes.

When I focus on the reality of my powerful God, who’s behind the scenes working it out, I can finally breathe. He holds my hand during the hurricane forced winds of life. He speaks His calming word and my situation must yield. Jesus promised we would have struggles and problems and times when life is not calm at all. He says, “Do not fear, I HAVE OVERCOME THE WORLD!” and, “PEACE, BE STILL!” boldly. He said it emphatically because His eyes are fixed on Heavenly Father. In my journey with the Lord, my life has been littered with horrific surprises, however, I’m learning to endure with my eyes focused on the Calm that resolves, the Calm that is present at all times. It's just a heartbeat away.

Focus on the Calm of the Lord. Trust that, and say, “No tief gern tief dat from me!” (No thief can steal that away from me!”)

See you back here next week for another post on Calm :)

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