Monday, June 11, 2018

Learn the CALM Technique.

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It's Monday again, or as my husband and children say, the New Years of the Week, and that means it's time for another Calm link-up. Yay!

This week you get to hear from Barb Roose about how she works to grab some calm during stressful times and seasons. You can follow her on Facebook here and be sure to go over to her website and see what else she has to offer. She is a woman willing to go through all sorts of crazy to find the Calm God can give, and I know you will benefit and grow from reading her words. Here we go!

by Barb Noose

Do you remember that 90’s song, “Y’all gonna make me lose my mind / Up in here, Up in here”?
While a hugely popular rap song, it’s also the unofficial anthem of the super-stressed out or anxious person. It’s the kind of song you’re tempted to spit out when the unexpected or uninvited chaos pushes you mentally, emotionally or financially toward the edge. Have you ever felt like you might lose your mind over the following:
·      …Your car repair cost may require listing your kidney on Ebay;*
·      …You have to wait all weekend to call the doctor for test results on Monday morning;
·      …Your boss asks you to drop by her office before you leave for the day…and you’ve been hearing rumors of layoffs.
When uncertainty or chaos lands in our lives, our bodies feel the stress and we experience symptoms like: a racing heartbeat, nausea, sweaty palms, numbness or the inability to sleep. And it’s so hard to pray when we’re feeling stressed out!  Yet, connecting with God is our best chance to find help and hope in our chaotic or uncertainty situations...

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And be sure to come back next Monday to hear from another brave woman about how to grab some more Calm in your dady-to-day life. Thanks, and Happy New Year of the Week!

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