Saturday, January 12, 2019

Dessert Love.

Once again, I'm doing this late in the evening.

We spent most of our day out in McMinnville celebrating my mother-in-law's birthday and we ended up staying late to watch an evening football game. I had thought about bringing my computer so I could possibly write while I was there but figured I'd just do it later. I also thought about typing out a post from my phone, but ain't no one got patience for that.

It's not really hard to think of things to write about, but it's hard to think of interesting things to write about. I know this challenge is not supposed to be about writing something really amazing, but I just always wish I could :)

Anyway, I am sitting here eating some peanut butter-filled pretzel bites and thought maybe I would write about some of my favorite foods.

I'm a dessert girl. I joke that I have a 2nd stomach just for desserts, and my mom and many others who know me well can testify. My husband discovered early on that I have almost no limit of the amount of dessert I can eat. I also have a special happy look that I get when I think of delectable foods... I just can't help it!

We had only been married two weeks when we were getting ready to be in the wedding of our best friends. We were through with the rehearsal and were having a wonderful time at dinner when dessert came around. It was this incredible chocolate mousse, served in a chocolate cup and I devoured mine in about one minute. Mark could only eat about half of his... so I finished it off for him, just to be a good wife. Then, another one of our best friends also could not eat all of his.... and you know what comes next. I ate his too.

Did I feel sick? No. Was I full? Not quite. Did I have any regrets? Well, I only weighted about 100 pounds back then, so no.

Mark was shocked. He had never seen that side of me, and I've proved it still exists over and over again. Although, now that I cannot just eat 3000 calories in a day without turning into a fat blob, I try to limit my dessert intake. I can't wait for desserts in heaven - they must be amazing, and calorie free!

My favorite desserts these days come from a local place called Papa Haydn's. Not only do they have amazing food on their dinner menu, but their dessert options are fantastic. They have a huge menu, a giant case full of gorgeous cakes and treats, and I've loved almost every single thing I've had. Which is actually quite a lot, since we used to live 1 mile away and spent many a date-night consuming calories while the kids slept at home with mom and dad keeping an ear out.

If you are in Portland, you MUST go eat there sometime. They have their regular dessert menu, which is seriously FULL of amazing items to choose from, but then they always have some seasonal items too. Here are a few of my favorites:

- Chocolate Truffle Cake
- Passion
- Raspberry Gateau
- Marjolaine
- Cassata

In the summer they sometimes have a lime-coconut cake that is adore, plus their cocktails (especially the hot ones) are fantastic.

I could go on and on about other desserts at other places, but I'll leave it at this for now. Go to Papa Haydn's, and don't share your dessert with a friend or loved one (unless you both go halfsies). Worst case scenario, you'll have extra dessert for tomorrow!

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