Friday, January 4, 2019

Our Fridays.

I know everyone loves Fridays, but I REALLY love Fridays. Saturday is the only day of the week I ever really get to sleep in (unless it's Football season), so it's the one day I feel like I can totally unwind, stay up late, and do whatever I want. 

Usually, we have schoolwork on Fridays, and the kids are generally pretty motivated to get it all wrapped up early. Which typically means, they run off and play, use tokens to watch TV or play on devices, and I get some time to read, relax, work on art projects, or just catch up on household stuff with minimal interruption. Funny the things we love as adults!

On top of all these things, over the course of 2018 my husband initiated "Family Movie Night" which has made Fridays that much better. We order pizza (or sometimes make it ourselves) and watch a movie with some wine and popcorn on the side. Well, I have wine, Mark has beer, and the kids drink whatever random thing we have on hand. 

When we first started, we tried to watch some movies the kids had never seen that Mark and I enjoyed watching as kids. The Karate Kid series was just perfect for that! The kids loved it and Mark and I were surprised that they were still such great movies. Even the newest version with Will Smith's son (sorry, can't remember his name) was great. 

I forget some of the other movies we watched - there have been a lot! We did watch Goonies, which was possibly a mistake. Holy cow they say SH*! a lot in that movie! Plus, the scene where the bad guys are going to stick Chunk's hand in the blender... that was pretty traumatic for everyone in the family. 

We also went through the Cars series, Incredibles 1 and 2, some random other "family" type movies, and some of the Marvel movies. I think tonight we may watch The Count of Monte Cristo since I finished reading that book a couple weeks ago. A couple weeks ago we watched the 2nd Percy Jackson movie since Cole had just finished book number four in that series. It was so funny to watch him watch the movie and compare it with the book. He was hilarious! 

We may do a Harry Potter series soon... none of us are super into the books (I know, the horror!), so no one is dying over wanting to watch those. I want to watch all of The Lord of the Rings series, but they are LONG movies, and Mark is not into those the same way I am. I've only read most of the first book (and that was back in college) but I do love the movies. 

Last week we shared Hunt for the Wilderpeople with my older sister. If you have not seen that movie, please go do so! It's hilarious, heartfelt, and just so entertaining. We've shared it with SO many people over the last two years and we still watch it on our own on occasion. It's mostly kid-friendly, but a few parts they might not get and there is one bloody part with a pig toward the beginning. 

Do you have any Friday traditions in your household? Or any favorite movies you love to share with others? Give me your best recommendations and I will add them to my list!

I'm glad to get another 500+ words out of my brain and onto this page. Hope you're not too bored with my ramblings and I hope your weekend is the best :) 

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  1. We will probably move to Family Movie Night when Holden gets older, but we always order pizza on Friday nights too. If you're family hasnt seen Boss Baby yet, I highly recommend it. Kyler loves it and there is a lot of humor parents can appreciate.